Lift Chairs

Do you or your loved one have trouble getting up from the easy chair in the living room? Consider a lift chair to bring safety and mobility back into your living room with a chair that helps you stand up from a seated position.

Power Scooters

Mobility and pride go hand in hand. Make sure your loved one doesn't miss out on life, give them back the ability to take control of their own life with a power scooter or power chair.

So much more

From walkers and rollators, to playing card holders, to all the accessories you need to make things work specifically for you, we have what you need.

Why Shop With Us?


At Medical Xpress, we treat you and your family like our own because that's just what's right.

When you come into one of our stores, our associates will do their best to get to know and understand your specific needs and offer solutions tailored to exactly what you need.

While other durable medical equipment resellers put their products all over the floor, we take pride in having a clean and organized space where you can see, touch, and even try out a product before you decide on the best available option for you. That's why we are the best medical equipment store in Texas. Whether you're just looking at our power lift chairs (we carry all the best lift chairs!), or stocking up on gauze, masks and gloves, you'll find it here. Texas' favorite Medical Supplies Store, Medical Xpress.