Tabletop Nebulizers Vs. Portable Nebulizer

by Medical Xpress

NEBULIZERSSo you have been prescribed a Nebulizer to help with your breathing issues? Not being able to breath is a scary prospect within itself and there are many options or styles of Nebulizers out there on the market. It can be an overwhelming task to accomplish. Its hard to know which one will fit best for you. We at Medical Xpress would like to give you some information that will hopefully help with that process.

There are two main categories of nebulizers: Tabletop or Portable

Tabletop Nebulizers are larger devices that are mainly for in-home use. They require an electric outlet for operation. This is a good option for someone who only does treatments rarely or those who are at home a lot and don’t lead a busy lifestyle. The Tabletop option is heavier and is not meant to be carried around. The tabletop option is also a good option for young children who regularly take treatments as they come in fun animal shapes and can also come with activity boards that help keep children engaged and can be a source of play for them during their treatments. Our store, Medical Xpress carries several of the animal options and also some that come in different colors.

Portable Nebulizers are handheld devices that are designed for patients who travel frequently and are out of their homes often e.g. at work, shopping, traveling etc. They are good for those who lead a busy lifestyle and who need treatments often throughout the day. Portable Nebulizers can come with car adapters, battery packs or charging cables which make it easy to use anywhere. They are also good or for older children who participate in sports and an inhaler is just not enough.

No matter what option you choose it is important that you maintain your Nebulizer. To obtain optimum results your Nebulizer should be properly cleaned and the parts such as air filters, mouthpiece, mask, and tubing should be replaced regularly. Contact your local Medical Xpress if you need these supplies or have any questions concerning the maintenance of your Nebulizer

Clean the parts of the Nebulizer regularly as directed by the manufacturer. Avoid dust and other particle buildups on the Nebulizer which might decrease its efficiency to function.

Disposable mouthpiece kits should be discarded after using 5-7 times while reusable kits and masks should be changed every 6 months. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the mask and kit only for the time specified.

Check and change your air filter frequently as a dirty filter will make your nebulizer wear down fast. Clean the outside of the tubing of your nebulizer and look out for cracks or leaks in the tubing!!!! Always have extra air filters, masks and tubes on hand for emergencies.

Disposable Neb sets are available that reduce the risk of infections and require less maintenance. They are ideal for traveling. They come in handy when cleaning the regular nebulizer set is inconvenient. They can also be very useful for children when they are going for camps and or field trips.

No matter which direction you go, you can’t go wrong. Happy Breathing from Medical Xpress!