5 Reasons Lift Chairs Make the Perfect Holiday Gift

by Medical XPress

Senior couple on couch opening gift boxLooking for the perfect holiday gift for someone with reduced mobility? Lift chairs are the ideal present for any senior citizens who might have seen a decline in mobility in recent years, but who are still mobile enough to live independently. What makes lift chairs the perfect gift? Keep reading to find out.

No More Getting Stuck in Their Comfy Chair

Many senior citizens who have declining mobility struggle to get back on their feet after sitting in a low or deep chair. Unfortunately, most soft and comfortable chairs have a very deep seat, which allows you to sink into the chair and relax. This means that a lot of senior citizens simply avoid those deep, comfy seats so they don’t have to worry about getting stuck or needing help to stand.

With a lift chair, your loved one doesn’t have to make this compromise any more. Built like their favorite recliner, lift chairs have the deep, cushioned seat they need for comfort while also providing the help that they need to stand up again. So, whether they’re alone or have company around, they’ll be able to sit comfortably without fear of getting stuck in their seat.

Addressing Mobility Needs

Talking about your loved one’s declining mobility can be difficult. Often, they don’t wish to acknowledge that they now need help getting around, and gifting them mobility aids can sometimes give offense. A lift chair, however, addresses a key mobility need without the stigma of a mobility aid. Individuals who aren’t ready to accept their declining mobility rarely see a lift chair as something for “old people,” like they do standard mobility aids. Instead, they simply see a comfortable chair with a neat and useful feature—the ability to tilt upright and get them on their feet again.

While it is still important to address their declining mobility needs eventually, giving them a lift chair can be a great introduction to that conversation. Once they have the opportunity to see how such devices can help them and improve their lives, they may be more inclined to accept other forms of mobility aids, like walkers, wheelchairs, or walk-in tubs.

Looks Like a Normal Recliner

Many people who are resistant to accessibility improvements in their home feel that way because they worry about looking “handicapped.” Safety bars, stair lifts, wheelchair ramps, and other such improvements are very obvious, and your loved one might be afraid that people will view them as feeble when they see such features in their home.

As we stated above, a lift chair meets an important mobility need—but it does so while looking exactly like a normal recliner. This may be yet another reason that your loved one would be more willing to accept this gift than they would other accessibility improvements, because it doesn’t give the appearance of needing help to get around.

Many Style Options

Speaking of the look, lift chairs come in nearly as many style options as standard recliners. You can find lift chairs in many different materials and colors, making it easy to find something that complements your loved one’s personal tastes and existing décor. In this way, a lift chair can be both a stylish and a functional gift for someone with reduced mobility.

The Gift of Independence

For those with declining mobility, there is no greater gift than the ability to remain independent. While you can’t reverse the effects of aging, you can help them to maintain a greater level of independence by helping them make accessibility improvements in their home. Nobody wants to ask for help standing up again every time they sit in a comfortable chair; a lift chair gives them back that simple independence to be able to sit without worrying about needing a hand to stand again.

As we’ve already mentioned, accepting the help of such accessibility improvements can be difficult, but ultimately, giving your loved one the gift of greater independence is one of the greatest gifts you can offer. A lift chair can be the perfect first step towards restoring more of their independence at home.

If you’re interested in giving your loved one a lift chair—and greater independence—this holiday season, contact us at Medical Xpress. We have a large selection of lift chairs available. You can view many of  them right on our showroom floor, and speak to our helpful team members about selecting the perfect lift chair for your loved one. Give us a call or stop by today.