5 Benefits of Wearing a Belly Band during Pregnancy

by Medical XPress

Pregnant woman in white wearing belly bandPregnancy can bring on a whole host of unpleasant side effects, including nausea and vomiting, mood swings, swollen feet and ankles, and more. As your belly grows, you’ll likely notice that added weight putting some extra strain on your body too—and a maternity support belt can help with that. Here are just a few of the many ways that wearing a belly band can make pregnancy easier, especially in that third trimester.

Decreased Pain

Back and pelvic pain are quite common during pregnancy. That adorable bump in the front is actually a major strain on your low back, and it also puts pressure on your pelvis, causing pain in both these locations. Wearing a belly band helps to support that baby bump and your low back to reduce pain overall.

Belly bands also help with two very common types of pregnancy pain: Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain and round ligament pain. SI joint pain occurs as a result of relaxin in the body. Relaxin is a hormone that helps to loosen hip joints in preparation for childbirth, but it also makes those joints less stable. This can cause sharp pain in the lower back near the tailbone. A maternity support belt can help to brace that area and stabilize those joints to reduce or prevent SI joint pain.

Round ligament pain is often experienced in the second trimester, so if you’re dealing with this issue, you might need that belly band sooner than you think. This pain can be experienced as either a dull ache or a sharp pain, usually on the front of the tip or below the belly. The extra weight of the growing uterus puts pressure on the ligaments that support your burgeoning belly, and though usually a temporary issue, it can be excruciating for some. Belly bands help to better distribute that increase front weight throughout the back and abdomen to relieve pressure on the round ligaments and diminish pain.

Compression and Control

You likely learned shortly after puberty that running without a sports bra can be quite uncomfortable. And if you’ve tried to engage in any physical activities since your belly started growing, you’ve likely experienced a similar pulling sensation as your baby bump moves up and down with each stride. A belly band can act like sports bra for your bump, giving it gentle compression and support to reduce discomfort during physical activities. And the more comfortable you are during physical activities, the more likely you are to stay active throughout your pregnancy, which is great for you and your baby!

Improve Posture

By the end of their pregnancies, many women develop a “swayback” appearance. Due to the extra weight they carry at the front of their bodies, as well as the weakening and stretching of the abdominal muscles, they arch their backs, which can actually be quite bad for the spine. Belly bands, as mentioned, help to support that load so you don’t have to resort to bad posture to carry your baby around. Plus, by supporting the lower back and torso, the belly band provides an external cue and assistance with correct your posture to a more upright position.

Get More Done

If you have to frequently sit or lie down due to pain and exhaustion late in your pregnancy, you’re not alone. All those aches and pains mentioned above can really wear you out, and you might avoid everyday activities like simply washing the dishes because the idea of being on your feet that long is exhausting. In fact, some women even have to stop working at their jobs early because of back pain and other issues related to their pregnancy. Wearing a belly band can help to prevent those issues, making it easier for you to continue with your daily activities and helping you get things done.

Post-Pregnancy Support

Belly bands aren’t just for use during pregnancy. Many women experience diminished core strength for weeks after childbirth. Many muscles and ligaments are stretched and strained throughout pregnancy as well as during childbirth, and these require time and support to heal properly. Wearing a belly band postpartum can continue to support your abdomen and low back to decrease discomfort as your body heals. Additionally, the common activities of carrying your newborn around and breastfeeding can strain the low back and lead to a hunched posture; the belly band can help correct that posture issue while also providing pain relief.

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